A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Project: Domus Nova's goal was to send a ship out to recently charted space with the hopes of building a new habitat station around a hospitable moon.

Two thousand brave souls ventured out on the multi-year long trip to make this project a reality.

Unfortunately, the spaceship never reached its goal, and the crew was not heard from again...

You take on the role of an advanced recovery team member whose goal is to find whatever information they can about what happened on-board the ship, and hopefully, find out what happened to the people on-board.

This is my submission for Amare Game Jam 2022.

Totaling over six thousand words, I was very fortunate to have all these wonderful people help out on the project:


Room 55 - Written by Rascal (Find more at https://rascaldevworks.itch.io

Room 201 - Written by Esh

Room 303 - Written by Terral (Find more at https://starbeastinferno.itch.io

Room 404 - Written by Melon (Find more at https://rivertune-games.itch.io

Room 700 - Written by WholesomeWraith (Find more at https://wholesomewraith.itch.io)

Engine Room/Engines - Written by PMscenarios (Find more at https://pmscenarios.itch.io)

Botanical Lab/Lab - Written by Afuera (Find more at https://afuera.itch.io)

Further away spot/Hiding Spot/Nook - Written by Naarel (Find more at https://naarel.itch.io

Narration/In-Between Segements - Katelynn Parsec (Find more at https://katelynn-parsec.itch.io

Logo Artist - Pandora Alcorn ( Find more at https://euphonia.itch.io/)

Music - flossysounds (Find more at https://flossysoundsllc.itch.ioflossysounds.weebly.com

GUI Template - NovelKit, with edits by Afuera ( Find more at https://novelkit.itch.io/)

Programming - Afuera, PMscenarios, and Katelynn Parsec 

Project Lead, Background Artist, and Editor - Katelynn Parsec 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsKatelynn Parsec, Naarel, afuera, WholesomeWraith, FlossySoundsLLC
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsamare, free, Ren'Py, Sci-fi

Install instructions

It's built in Ren'Py.

Just download the zip file, extract the file, and run the executable.


TheDisasterofProjectDomusNova-1.1-mac.zip 42 MB
TheDisasterofProjectDomusNova-1.1-pc.zip 76 MB

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